Advantages of ISDN2 and ISDN30

Do several things at once

If you have an ISDN2, you will have two separate lines which you have the chance of either using together or on their own, meaning you can complete two tasks at once.

With ISDN30, there are even more channels, up to thirty, meaning that you have more chance of completing tasks more quickly.

Never Lose Connection

If you ever have a problem on any of your lines, your ISDN30 connection will ensure that the connection is kept strong by changing the circuits so that you never need to be affected or worried by loss of connection.

Direct Contact Numbers

If you have several people in your office, they all have the chance of being given their own number. This means that they be contacted directly without needing to go through any central line first.

Speedy Data Sharing

With your ISDN connection, you can exchange files with the other computers that are on the system. This is usually much quicker than any other option, meaning that it could save you time in the long term.

Different Numbers for each appliance

You have the option of having different telephone numbers for each of the appliances that are connected to your system. This means that each one is easy found should it need to be contacted directly.

Increase your connected devices

If your business grows, you have the option of expanding your system to suit your needs. This means that you never need to worry about your current system not being able to cope with future expansion.

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