ISDN2 lines are used for voice and data communications . They  start from 2 channels (lines).

You can add more connections (in pairs) up to 8 channels . This increases the number of connections and the available bandwidth. It means  you have built in flexibility. Your telecommunications lines can grow as the business grows. If you reach  8 channels, then it is time for ISDN 30.  More than 8 channels, then ISDN30 may be better suited.

ISDN gives  you access to the internet, much like a standard phone line. The key difference to a standard line is that ISDN2 channels can be used separately – so you can use the internet on one channel and receive a fax or make a call on the other.

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Not only do large businesses need to make sure that their telephone lines are of a top quality, but also a growing number of individuals are choosing to do so in either their small business or even in their own home.

Due to the large number of choices of lines, it is certain that you would be able to benefit from the quality and speed that these lines have to offer.


An ISDN2e is perfect if your office has fewer than eight people.

An ISDN30/30e is used for those offices that have more than eight.

About the products


Perfect for offices that have fewer than eight people.

  • Excellent quality calls, with perfect clarity
  • Speedy service with all the capability of a regular telephone system
  • Quick speeds for transferring data
  • Achieve multiple goals simultaneously with the option of using two lines at the same time
  • There is no price difference between this and the equivalent service from a phone line



Transfer several data types using phone lines in businesses with over eight members of staff. This includes everything described in ISDN2e, and also boasts:

  • Perfect sound quality for calls between other users of the line
  • The opportunity to merge the lines in order to achieve a higher bandwidth
  • Join several offices together by using a WAN
  • Each staff member has their own contact number

Plus Points

Do several things at once.

With these lines, you have the choice of using them either on their own or together, meaning that you can do several jobs at any one time.


Quicker Transfer of Data

You have the ability of sending data to other computers that are connected on the line within a matter of seconds.


The Chance for Expansion

If your business requires more connections, there is the chance to add these at a later date.

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